Sep 6, 2016

'Life Stream' installation, will be part of the tour of Shunpike Storefront Windows September 22 and deinstalled November 7th

'Life Stream' installation will be included in the Shunpike Storefront Window Tour, September 22.

The installation will come down Monday, Nov. 7th.

Announcement:     Join Shunpike Coordinator, Corey Blaustein, as he leads a FREE Art Walk of current Storefront installations in South Lake Union. This is a great chance to meet the artists and see their work! We will meet at the corner of Mercer and Terry at 6pm, Sept. 22.      
No need to register. Just show up! It's FREE!
Artists on display:
Barbara De Pirro
Teri Capp
Ilvs Strauss
Art by Eva Funderburgh
Terra Holcomb
Anne Moya
Gloria Lamson
Clyde Petersen

Aug 25, 2016

Pipe Dream Revealed @Anacortes Art Festival Aug.5-7, 2016

The 'Pipe Dream' adventure invoked 3 days of wonderful creativity from hundreds of festival participants - both young and olderJoining me to assist in the process was Susan Nelson and Sui Oakland.  The photos below show glimpses in the process of the tying of about 4,000 colorful pipe cleaners onto the suspended gillnet.  A Pipe Dream in the making. At the end of the festival on Sunday afternoon this 10'x16' a bent-line color weaving was declared complete.

After Day 1

After Day 2

After Day 3 - with Kathleen Faukner of Steamroller Printmaking fame

Aug 15, 2016

'Life Stream' installation in Seattle - through Nov. 6, 2016

Life Stream at night

This second incarnation of "Life Stream" resides in an Amazon building 
in South Lake Union on Republican St. between Terry Ave. N. and Boren Ave. N.

I wrote the below poem which is on the ground in the window
 as a statement for the installation.

Life Stream with reflections during daytime
This installation is made possible by Storefronts, a program of Shunpike 
 and will be on display through November 6th, 2016.

A tour of this and other South Lake Union Storefront Windows will take place 
September 17, 2016.

For details email: programs{at}      
or   call: 206.905.1026 X104

Jul 28, 2016

upcoming Pipe Dream @Anacortes Art Festival Aug.5-7

With 9,000 pipe cleaners
willing festival participants, a 10x16' structure against a beautiful gray wall,
3 days and a gillnet on which to hang the colorful furry lines,
we will create a 'bent-line color weaving'.

This will take place at the Anacortes Arts Festival August 5-7, 2016 
in the outdoor Working Artist section 
(by the water & Juried Art Exhibit, near the end of Commercial St.)

Come and add your creative efforts to this evolving story
or stop by and say hello.
The gray wall upon which the color weaving will reveal itself

Here is a seed out of which this Pipe Dream is growing...
Be a part of this experience
'E pluribus unum'
Out of the many, One.
Only time will tell what it will actually look like
Hope to see you there.

With hopes for more to be posted soon on:

May 3, 2016

Lamson / Jaqua Exhibition, September 2018 Northwind Arts Center

Floating Fire, Point Reyes, CA
Proposal for Exhibition of work by Gloria Lamson and Russell Jaqua (sent separately)
Northwind Arts Center, September 2018

Images, Statement & Bio for Gloria Lamson below

Smoke Rise

Marking Time

Constellation Rising


Between the Lines


Looking into the light, Port Townsend, WA

Weaving between inner and outer, Spokane, WA

Moving with what is, The Blue Rope, SE Alaska

Animus Aerie, Art Outside, Port Angeles Fine Art Center, WA

Being Here, Old Fort Townsend, WA

Being Here, Art Outside, Port Angeles Fine Art Center, WA

Here and Now, from The Island Project, SE Alaska

Mussel shells with incoming tide, from The Island Project, SE Alaska

Artist Statement:
Since 1995 I’ve used natural or simple manmade materials, to create temporary site responsive installations and interactions in nature and architectural environments. I document my process and results with still photographs. I’m drawn to interact with the tangible forces of earth, air, water, fire, light and time. As I work, my thoughts circle around metaphorical and alchemical associations stimulated by both the form and action that transpires. My art practice serves as a vehicle to integrate and reconcile the world within me with the world around me.  Seasonally, my art practice moves between creating indoor studio work and more public outdoor works with/in nature or peopled areas. My intention is to nurture experiences of wakeful awareness and personal renewal while fostering connections to the worlds within and around us.

The first six images above are from the series “Evidence of Momentary Fire”.  I associate fire with consciousness, burning for a time in a particular body then leaving this physical reality. I began working with fire as a marking agent with intention to focus attention into the present. To create these works, I laid out simple and often symbolic forms with matches, sparklers, and or gunpowder then ignited them on various surfaces. (The fire prints above were done on watercolor paper.) I’m interested in exploring ways to co-create visual poetic works with natural and human forces that shape our world.

Since 1975, Lamson’s work has been included in numerous collections, publications,  and exhibitions including the Tacoma, Bellevue and Oakland Art Museums.  She was part of the first wave of artists represented by websites that showcase international artists working with and in nature; including, Women Environmental Artists Directory (originating in USA), and (originating in Korea). She received a project grant from Artist Trust for ‘The Island Project’ in SE Alaska where she returned to work on same small, remote island over a period of 6 years.  Lamson has been awarded several artist residencies in the western US and worked with an international artist residency program near San Francisco.  She has created numerous temporary site-responsive installations for public street windows, outdoor art-parks and festivals, including numerous projects for Webster’s Woods at Port Angeles Fine Art Center, The Anacortes Arts Festival, and Bellevue City Hall.

In 1999 she received her MFA in Arts & Consciousness from John F. Kennedy University in California and in 1975 a BA from Evergreen State College with a specialization in black and white fine art photography. She is a Northwest native, glad to call Port Townsend home.

Her current work can be seen at and an archive of selected past work at

Apr 25, 2016

Changes and The What If...? Window

With the recent sale of the Tyler Street building in Uptown, my creating installations for the Window on Tyler Street has come to an end. I often thought of the space as the "What If...? window", even though I never formally named it as such.  Now I get to explore the "What if...?" I'm not creating installations for this window - what new venues might I respond to now and what other forms might my work want to take?

Many thanks and much gratitude to Peter Boeschenstein and Badd Habit for supporting my work these last 5 years!   They generously provided me with the opportunity to create numerous installations for the Port Townsend community often enabling me to collaborate with other artists.  These installations have been posted in this blog since 2010 and some can be found on my website at

Currently, along with Margaret Lindsey's wonderful painting on the wall, the window is now graced by a display for the Wearable Art Show (which will no doubt be an amazing, incredible event!).

Tyler St. Window in Uptown Port Townsend, WA (next door to the Printery)

Mar 25, 2016

"Welcome to the Plastisphere" at Northwind Arts Center

This project, made from thousands of reworked plastic bottles and mimicking post-apocalyptic sea life, is a collaboration between myself, Karen Hackenberg and Margie McDonald, and is currently installed in the exhibition "Radical Change" at Northwind Arts Center through March 28th. 

Thank you, Cheryl Stamp for this photo of the curator Dominica Lord-Wood and me at the opening.

"Welcome to the Plastisphere" has been previously installed at two different sites and can be seen below.
"Welcome to the Plastisphere" at Anacortes Art Festival, 2015.

For more information go to previous posting.