Apr 25, 2016

Changes and The What If...? Window

With the recent sale of the Tyler Street building in Uptown, my creating installations for the Window on Tyler Street has come to an end. I often thought of the space as the "What If...? window", even though I never formally named it as such.  Now I get to explore the "What if...?" I'm not creating installations for this window - what new venues might I respond to now and what other forms might my work want to take?

Many thanks and much gratitude to Peter Boeschenstein and Badd Habit for supporting my work these last 5 years!   They generously provided me with the opportunity to create numerous installations for the Port Townsend community often enabling me to collaborate with other artists.  These installations have been posted in this blog since 2010 and some can be found on my website at www.GloriaLamson.com.

Currently, along with Margaret Lindsey's wonderful painting on the wall, the window is now graced by a display for the Wearable Art Show (which will no doubt be an amazing, incredible event!).

Tyler St. Window in Uptown Port Townsend, WA (next door to the Printery)