Nov 9, 2012

Living Room

What are we...really?
I imagine if we could see each other on a non-physical, energetic level, we might see some kind of spark, or core of light within each others presence.  The luminosity of these tubes brought this idea to mind, even though "the tubes" often masquerade as clothes dryer vents
With visitation by The Hunger Artist, a painting by Linda Okazaki

Jul 27, 2012

LuminOcea - new installation for Anacortes Arts Festival Aug. 3-5

The luminosity of these venting (i.e. dryer) hoses remind me of “the light within”.  For this installation I reference alchemy, as a system of transformation, creating connections and interactions with above, below, within and between. Using lines and weights within some of the tubes I hope to engage the air and water currents below the floor. 
Anacortes Arts Festival August 3-5, 2012.

Jul 19, 2012

A Cloudy Day in Port Towsend -- New Installation

Margaret Lindsey created the latest installation in the window at the corner of Lawrence and Taylor.   Responding to my invitation to install in the "blue space", she wrote in her blog, "I was thinking about summer breezes, blue skies, beautiful clouds, breath, life..."  and more (www.

Anyone interested in purchasing any of the cloud photographs can contact me at glolamson at
Although Badd Habit no longer exists....window installations will continue in this location.   Stay tuned.

Feb 23, 2012

CREATE A MANDALA ~ Port Townsend, WA


 art making workshop for creative renewal

        Saturday, March 17, 2012  -----  1-6:00 pm   
Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, WA

A Mandala is a circular form in which different visual elements find their place around a center point. The circle represents wholeness and everything within the circle is interrelated and interconnected.  Mandalas are often created to facilitate a particular focus of attention and healing.

Workshop will help you:
·      Explore your creativity through guided exercises, visualizations & writing
·      Stretch your imagination
·      Learn to use simple, yet powerful, universal symbols for growth and healing
·      Investigate personal meaning through art making
·      Refresh yourself with focused, playful, creative exercise
·      Create your own personal Mandala  

! No previous art experience is necessary!
Drawing materials provided.  

1-6pm  Workshop   
$5o / sliding scale

Facilitated by Gloria Lamson (aka Glo)
For questions and registration
Call or write:  360-344-3232  or

Gloria (aka Glo) Lamson has been “doing” art since 1970, teaching since 1978.  She has an MFA in Arts & Consciousness from John F. Kennedy University in California, teaches for Artist Trusts’ EDGE Program.  Currently she is working to become certified through the Creativity Coaching Association.  With this workshop she offers both artists and non-artists a way to bring the benefits of creativity and art making into daily living.