Aug 25, 2016

Pipe Dream Revealed @Anacortes Art Festival Aug.5-7, 2016

The 'Pipe Dream' adventure invoked 3 days of wonderful creativity from hundreds of festival participants - both young and olderJoining me to assist in the process was Susan Nelson and Sui Oakland.  The photos below show glimpses in the process of the tying of about 4,000 colorful pipe cleaners onto the suspended gillnet.  A Pipe Dream in the making. At the end of the festival on Sunday afternoon this 10'x16' a bent-line color weaving was declared complete.

After Day 1

After Day 2

After Day 3 - with Kathleen Faukner of Steamroller Printmaking fame

Aug 15, 2016

'Life Stream' installation in Seattle - through Nov. 6, 2016

Life Stream at night

This second incarnation of "Life Stream" resides in an Amazon building 
in South Lake Union on Republican St. between Terry Ave. N. and Boren Ave. N.

I wrote the below poem which is on the ground in the window
 as a statement for the installation.

Life Stream with reflections during daytime
This installation is made possible by Storefronts, a program of Shunpike 
 and will be on display through November 6th, 2016.

A tour of this and other South Lake Union Storefront Windows will take place 
September 17, 2016.

For details email: programs{at}      
or   call: 206.905.1026 X104