May 30, 2017

The individuals at Jentel - who made it a great experience.

Part of what made Jentel so richly rewarding were the individuals with whom I shared the experience. The month residency offered an ideal mix of solitude, focused work, support and community engagement within the 'Big Nature' of the Piney Creek Valley with the Bighorn Mountains nearby.
Below is an image of my awesome "AIR (artist in residence) Buds" as we were photographed for our public presentations of our work at SAGE Community Arts Center in Sheriden, WY.   
The staff pictured below were a wonderful, lively clan of special folks who facilitated our residency, kept things running smoothly and answered so many, of our many questions.
The below individuals were staff assistants as far as I could tell...They were totally present when they were around...even though they were not totally responsive to every human 'request'...  They seemed glad to offer their active participation and heartwarming presence none the less.

And Neltje (whom I never met) - the founder, star and guiding light of Jentel... I offer many thanks and heartfelt appreciation for her vision, creativity, dedication and incredible generosity of bringing Jentel into the world...and sharing it with me and our residency group.  Her presence, paintings and house/studio design richly informed so many aspects of my experience!  You can see her artwork and info about her new memoir, North of Crazy at


May 26, 2017

'Ascending Scoria' at Jentel

With help from Marilyn

'Drawing in the world' - Inside & out - Jentel

Drawing in the world - with red barn (upper left)
Drawing in the world II

Edging the shadow - right side of stone,
...shadow changed more quickly than I could 

lay out yarn on the the edge.
Yarn marks

Drawing between moving shadows of
tree and stone

Between tree and stone
Holding the rock.
Birch trees surrounding studios and living area Jentel, WY

'DarkLight'. Installation at Jentel in Wyoming


 I imagine within us,
darkness reaching for light, and  
light reaching for darkness.  
each offering the other something necessary,
in reconciling our dual nature of shadow and luminosity, 
consciousness and unconsciousness.