Dec 17, 2013

Linear and Knot

An installation entitled Linear and Knot, in Port Townsend,WA evolved through the collaborative efforts of Carolyn LawKim Kopp and myself.  Each of us have worked with various forms of lines over the years and we have brought some of our history together for this installation.  

I reflect on thoughts of ties that bind, lines that connect and how things get tangled and untangled. I love the simplicity of a line as it engages space, creating movement from one point to another, marking a specific time and place.
From The Island Project 1996-2006             G. Lamson
It's hard to say where or when an installation actually begins, however, when I showed Carolyn Law some favored knots in my studio   
she spoke of a large rope used for one of her past  installations in Seattle. When she offered to bring it to Port Townsend for this window, our collaboration began.  

The clusters of knots which lie on the floor, in the shadow of the large rope, are the knots which created this earlier string circle shown below that I created for the Art in Nature Festival at Camp Long in Seattle.
"tangle bull kelp", the painting in the installation (and others), were created by Port Townsend artist, Kim Kopp.  Initially these paintings were a response to tangled piles of bull kelp on the beach. Her forms inspire me to thoughts about our lives as lines through time, space and experience. I am reminded of beauty within that movement and am reassured in considering that which becomes tangled, can also become untangled.  

Sep 15, 2013

Film Fodder - Vision and Revision. Installation in Port Twonsend

What is 'not', material for film making?  
From the beginning of photography, who would have thought that flickering light in darkened spaces would give us so much?  
Check out the Port Townsend Film Festival, September 20-22, 2013.  
See vision taken form, ideas re-imagined, threads followed, stories enfleshed..and more. Thank you film makers for your imagination and hard work that we may see....and see again...both alone and together. 

Sep 10, 2013

Curtain Went Up...Bookworms Moved On

I've heard rumors that the Bookworms may make an appearance at the Land Trust Auction this Friday night 9/13/2013 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds!
~  ~  ~
And....behind the curtain.....something else is gathering....

In preparation for...

September 20-22, 2013

May 18, 2013

BookWorms and Other Delights - Installation Tyler St.- Uptown Port Townsend,WA

These tubular creatures of light enjoy worming their way around their beloved books...ingesting words, images, and ideas while speaking to each other in the language of clouds.

Many of the elements for this installation were transported from the Coming Unbound exhibition at NorthWind Gallery then introduced to the BookWorms of this particular window.

"BookBuds", (books cut with a ban saw), by Rebecca Welti (Portland,OR), Cloud photographs by Margaret Lindsey (Half Moon Bay, CA) and pages rising from their covers by Carolyn Law (Seattle, WA) from "Why I love Books".  

Apr 28, 2013

Installation for : Coming Unbound: Book As Sculpture – NorthWind Arts Gallery, Port Townsend, WA, April 2013

This is a Wonderful Show Curated by Jean-Marie Tarascio.  
Eleven artists explore the concept of “book” as inspiration in unique and personalized ways to convey their artistic messages.  
Throughout its remarkable history the book has been a means to transporting ideas, messages, and thoughts. It has been an intriguing vehicle for reflection and communication, a formidable object. It has been banned, burned, collected, censored, hidden, sworn upon, quoted, treasured, adorned, discarded, chained, praised, and threatened extinction.

Flight Field was created with Rebecca Welti as an installation for this exhibition.

Show Closes - April 29,  5:00 pm 

Jan 31, 2013


In my mind, images of ancient handprints on cave walls are often a starting point for new work. I've been exploring interactions using white cotton gloves with the more-than-human-world.  This has become a way of participating in nature,  a way of “touching ground”, and providing a show of hands”.  These hands are evolving into wings and bird forms.  I have one "bird" that I like to take for walks and document her interactions in various places.

Handscape, Cabo Pulmo Beach, Mexico, 2013

The creature who makes tracks, 2013
South of Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

Neckline, 2012, Orcas Island, WA

Lily Flight, 2012, Devil's Lake, WA
from series - Wings of Desire

Madrona flight, 2013, Orcas Island,WA
from series - Wings of Desire

From Darkness, 2013, Port Townsend, WA
From series - Wings of Desire

Water Rest, 2012, Botany Beach, British Columbia, Canada
From series - Wings of Desire

Nesting, 2012, Devil's Lake, WA
From series - Wings of Desire

Pond Hopping, 2012, Botany Beach, British Columbia, Canada
From series - Wings of Desire

Pond Flight, 2012, Botany Beach, British Columbia, Canada
From series - Wings of Desire

All images © 2013 Gloria Lamson, all rights reserved.         

Jan 28, 2013

The Hunger Artist. Painting by Linda Okasaki in "Living Room" installation

The Hunger Artist, painting by Linda Okasaki
More of Linda's work can be seen at Max Grover Gallery in PT
For  information contact THE MAX GROVER GALLERY (360) 379-4699

Linda Okazaki and Rikki Ducornet:  “A Conversation” 
Thursday Feb. 7~7pm - Free & open to public
The Cotton Building~607 Water Street
Port Townsend, WA
Sponsored by the Jefferson County Historical Society