Jul 18, 2011

9 Images Available for Sale

Ed Riddell is a wonderful photographer and friend (from the black and white film and darkroom days) who recently launched this great site making high quality photographic images available very inexpensively.  See what you think at http://www.lefotografie.com
They also have a online magazine and articles about the photographs and photographers with whom they work.  I'm honored to be included.

The nine images below are now available at lefotografie 
Stone Figure, AK

 The Blue Rope, AK

 String circle on leaves, HI

 A show of hands, WA

Floating stones on broken ice, WY

Survey tape to hole in stone, HI

Mussel shells with incoming tide, AK

Floating string circle, HI

Hose spiral, CA

Jul 10, 2011


An installation for Port Angeles Fine Art Center, Art Outside
Ivy vines creep up the trees and 1,300 red pipe cleaners hang down.

What's Sleeping?

Installation created for BaddHabit, April, 2011
1005 Lawrence Street, Port Townsend, WA