Dec 5, 2015

Glove Birds and Wings of Desire

These un-manipulated photographic images are encaustic on 8x8" panels which can be seen at Northwind Arts Center in Port Townsend, Washington through Dec. 28

'Moving on' from Wings of Desire series
'Landing' from Wings of Desire series

I began working with white cotton gloves as a way to enter into a dialogue with nature, in particular places. This type of glove is traditionally used in handling valuable items with special care. I like the idea of applying that intention to the ground and nature surrounding me. In working with the gloves my thoughts move to multiple meanings of phrases such as “touching ground” and “a show of hands”.  I found myself imagining the fingers as feathers and so began creating bird forms on the ground.  Wanting to see these birds take flight, connecting sky to ground, I created a “glove bird” that I could travel with me to engage various environments.
The birds in these 8x8" photo encaustic panels are part of the series “Wings of Desire”.  With this series, I envision the "many hands" and or the many small actions that bring our intentions to realization.

A few other photo encaustics from this series can be seen below.
'Emerging' from Wings of Desire series

'Taking Flight' from Wings of Desire series

'Flight for freedom' from Wings of Desire series (16x12")