May 1, 2010

Installation for '33 IDEAS' at Denver Airport **extended until August 24th - Videos

The video from DIA is now online:
Here's a cool video filmed by a passenger who LOVED 33 IDEAS!

Statement for installation:

'Falling Apart and Coming Together'
Rarely do we joyfully greet the times when our life falls apart.
It seems far easier to sense what is lost than what wants to be born. In hindsight we might see how new possibilities grew out of the uncertain space of the chaotic fertile ground; like plants emerging from the earth made rich with the decay of past growth.
How is it possible to generate some small antidote to our fears and resistance to change?
Perhaps by…
- Kindly holding others and ourselves, in our disarray.
- Practicing curiosity during the often-disconcerting transformative process, which defies our attempts at control.
- Understanding we are more than the structures, which have previously contained us.
- Remembering that we too are part of the natural world, subject to the laws of regeneration and time.
I offer this visual metaphor that we might better know ourselves as more than the changes which dismantle our lives.
Installation is part of this exhibit:

33 IDEAS! showcases innovative artists and writers focusing on land and social issues in a variety of mediums. DIA has teamed up with Colorado Art Ranch, a “nomadic arts organization founded on the belief that the arts are a catalyst for change,” for this exhibition that will run through August 2010 in The Charles Ansbacher Hall: The Art of Colorado on the walkway between Jeppesen Terminal and Concourse A. Colorado Art Ranch travels to two or more Colorado towns each year to sponsor one-month residencies for visual and literary artists from around the world. During each residency, Colorado Art Ranch hosts a public forum to promote conversations on how art and science intersect with land and social issues. For more information on Colorado Art Ranch, go to .

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