Dec 17, 2013

Linear and Knot

An installation entitled Linear and Knot, in Port Townsend,WA evolved through the collaborative efforts of Carolyn LawKim Kopp and myself.  Each of us have worked with various forms of lines over the years and we have brought some of our history together for this installation.  

I reflect on thoughts of ties that bind, lines that connect and how things get tangled and untangled. I love the simplicity of a line as it engages space, creating movement from one point to another, marking a specific time and place.
From The Island Project 1996-2006             G. Lamson
It's hard to say where or when an installation actually begins, however, when I showed Carolyn Law some favored knots in my studio   
she spoke of a large rope used for one of her past  installations in Seattle. When she offered to bring it to Port Townsend for this window, our collaboration began.  

The clusters of knots which lie on the floor, in the shadow of the large rope, are the knots which created this earlier string circle shown below that I created for the Art in Nature Festival at Camp Long in Seattle.
"tangle bull kelp", the painting in the installation (and others), were created by Port Townsend artist, Kim Kopp.  Initially these paintings were a response to tangled piles of bull kelp on the beach. Her forms inspire me to thoughts about our lives as lines through time, space and experience. I am reminded of beauty within that movement and am reassured in considering that which becomes tangled, can also become untangled.  

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