Mar 15, 2014

Passage - Studio Window at Tyler Street - Uptown

Doorways mark passages between one world and another - whether between the hallway and the bedroom, the office and the rest of the world, the inside of an airplane and freefall. A transition zone between one role, activity, ecosystem; one reality and another. These physical doorways are familiar to us and easy to recognize, but what of the metaphysical passages within our invisible, inner worlds?

How do we sense transition zones in our non-physical areas of internal change?  Places and times are marked by an inner awareness that something has changed.  The world may seem suddenly fresh, alien, or our sense of self is altered.  These perceptions illuminate our awareness the internal shifting, moving, and changing of our inner landscape.  

I consider the forces transforming our inner worlds, some of which we initiate and some of which come upon us from beyond our conscious choosing.  Like metaphysical elements of fire, air, water and earth and their processes of burning, lifting, flowing, and grounding.  I consider these forces as active ingredients that help us move through our lives - like fish through water, wood in flame, bird in flight, tree rooted and growing towards light. We acknowledge this movement by metaphysical elements in saying,”trial by fire”, “free as a bird”, “riding a wave”, “solid as a rock”, or “rooted as a tree”.   

I imagine these forces transform our inner worlds and thus our perception of the physical world. I find navigational assistance in this world of inner transformation in Jung’s writing on alchemy.  With the installation, ‘Passage’, I attempt to give form to these non-physical forces and to evoke the experience they create within us.

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