Oct 23, 2014

Psst....An Invitation

Installation created at Northwind's new location in the Waterman & Katz Building with the help of Jim Garrett of Garrett Metals and Nimba Anvils fame.  Apart from the dryer hoses circling, twisting, tangling and stretching, there is a space set up for your participation. Grab a tag and show your response to the importance and value of art in your life (images, words or ??).  There are materials for you to use and post with - or take a tag home and bring it back before the end of November.  There are also tags available at the Jefferson St. Northwind location.  You can pick one up and return it there where it will be posted on the board later (currently the Waterman Katz location is open Sat. 12-4 until the end of November, and a few other days in between.  look forward to seeing your responses!  

If you can't visit in person leave your comment in this blog and I post it on the board with the rest.

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