Sep 16, 2015

Life Stream - solo exhibition

Installation at PUB Gallery, Peninsula College, Port Angeles, WA

Life Stream 

I imagine
our lives
like threads
moving through time.

Emerging at birth
from an ocean
of consciousness,
and returning again
at death.

In between
a mystery,
we call life.

In between
we dip in and out
of a larger stream,
at times
immersed, submerged,
renewed or humbled
as the current carries us along.

In between
we play with possibility
of who we are
and who we might be,
with what we’ve been given
and what we choose.

Alone and together
we weave the fabric of our lives.

Anchors serve as symbols of what helps us feel connected, grounded and centered. They link us to what we care about, and to what and where we want to return.  When life challenges us, they give us stability and sensibility.  By consciously identifying our ‘anchors’ in times of calm, it’s easier to connect with them when we’re challenged. 

Beacons serve as symbols of illumination. Their light guides us through darkness, helping us move through challenges to find our next step.

What are some of your Anchors and Beacons?

What are the anchors that ground and calm you?
What helps keep you steady? 
What are the beacons that illuminate and help clarify your direction?
What serves to move you towards your dreams, goals and intentions?

What are the relationships, activities, people, places and things that illuminate, guide and help sustain your life?  This might include family, friends, meditation, exercise, dancing, school, job, home, a certain kind of music or place in the world and more. 

 I invite people to share their responses by writing or drawing on the tags provided in the gallery then hang their tags on the nets around the frames.  

I would love to know how you relate to the idea of anchors and beacons in your life. You are welcome to leave your responses through post a comment at bottom of this page.  

8:00am - 8:00pm Monday - Friday

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