Jul 28, 2016

upcoming Pipe Dream @Anacortes Art Festival Aug.5-7

With 9,000 pipe cleaners
willing festival participants, a 10x16' structure against a beautiful gray wall,
3 days and a gillnet on which to hang the colorful furry lines,
we will create a 'bent-line color weaving'.

This will take place at the Anacortes Arts Festival August 5-7, 2016 
in the outdoor Working Artist section 
(by the water & Juried Art Exhibit, near the end of Commercial St.)

Come and add your creative efforts to this evolving story
or stop by and say hello.
The gray wall upon which the color weaving will reveal itself

Here is a seed out of which this Pipe Dream is growing...
Be a part of this experience
'E pluribus unum'
Out of the many, One.
Only time will tell what it will actually look like
Hope to see you there.

With hopes for more to be posted soon on:

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