Jan 5, 2018

DISRUpTION at Valise Gallery on Vashon

Two of my photographs (below) from the 'Touching Ground' series can be seen in the DISRUpTION show at VALISE Gallery on Vashon Island from 
January 5-27.  The opening will be January 5th, from 6 to 9.   
  (Sorry I can't be there in person, but I will be out of the state.) 

The work of 14 artists was chosen in response to the Valise Gallery call for art, which said:  "In recent years, disruption has become a trendy term in business circles. It has come to apply to a company which upends the market by creating a need where none had existed before. It is also frequently applied to the present political climate. Both are interesting and valid subjects for artists to tackle and we're interested in them, but we're also curious about other possibilities for disruption.
How can disruption be expressed in a purely formal sense? 
How does it apply to aspects of daily life?"  

This show is a response to that call. The photographs below are part of my response.
Interaction with white cotton gloves & photograph by
Gloria Lamson

and now...
Interaction with white cotton gloves & photograph by
Gloria Lamson
Statement for this glove work:

Using simple manmade or natural materials, I have created temporary site-specific installations and interactions in nature and architectural environments, which I document with photographs. I’m interested in bringing the outside in and inside out, in nature and the human psyche, seeking to deepen our awareness and relationship to both. I’d like to offer images to the human community, to encourage renewal of our connections to the world within and around us.

Inspired by prehistoric handprints on cave walls I’m intrigued with forms of self-reflective mark making. Interested in the intersection between the humanity and larger nature I began using white cotton gloves in a remote Arizona desert. I wanted to see handprints rather than footprints in that ancient dry wilderness, and was intrigued by the silent touch of fabric hand to ground. Traditionally this type of cotton glove is used to handle valuable items with exceptional care. For the 'Touching Ground' series I hope to extend that special attention to Nature, the world that sustains us.
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Valise Gallery,  17633 Vashon Hwy SW, Vashon, WA 98070

VALISE stands for Vashon Artists Linked In Social Engagement

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