Apr 28, 2013

Installation for : Coming Unbound: Book As Sculpture – NorthWind Arts Gallery, Port Townsend, WA, April 2013

This is a Wonderful Show Curated by Jean-Marie Tarascio.  
Eleven artists explore the concept of “book” as inspiration in unique and personalized ways to convey their artistic messages.  http://northwindarts.org/news/coming-unbound/http://northwindarts.org/news/coming-unbound/http://northwindarts.org/news/coming-unbound/  
Throughout its remarkable history the book has been a means to transporting ideas, messages, and thoughts. It has been an intriguing vehicle for reflection and communication, a formidable object. It has been banned, burned, collected, censored, hidden, sworn upon, quoted, treasured, adorned, discarded, chained, praised, and threatened extinction.

Flight Field was created with Rebecca Welti as an installation for this exhibition.

Show Closes - April 29,  5:00 pm 

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