Dec 14, 2016

Creative Time/Space in Port Townsend, WA

“The artist is not a different kind of person, but every person is a different kind of artist.”   
~ Eric Gill
P1050991eWEBGive Art a Chance
14 Mornings activating your Creativity to Jump-Start the New Year
January 9th- 22nd 8:30-10:00 daily
Except Tuesday January 10th and 17th 9:30-11:00
Madrona MindBody Institute

 Join me for daily facilitated, self-directed creative work space/time with your artistic expressions.  Begin your day with this ‘hands on’ creative time OR expand your experience of the Morning Sojourn dance time.
  • Feed your creative fire.
  • Listen...and give form to your heart’s longing.
  • Expand your creativity to new levels for 2017.

  • Through art making and/or writing

  • Explore your questions, thoughts, dreams and ideas

  • Dialogue with and respond to your inner callings

  • Mark and hold your intentions

  • Integrate various aspects of your life

  • Strengthen your creative skills and flexibility

Ideas:  Things you might do – or ways you might work:
  • NuYrEve2010MMI_026-2.jpgDo the same thing each day such as: make a collage, mandala or symbol.

  • Create a sacred object to hold your dreams, passions or intentions such as: a totem, mask, touchstone, or altar.

  • Explore different projects on different days.

  • Expand your explorations in your journal (or “Sojournal”).

  • Bring your own materials or use the collage materials provided.

Gloria_080web.jpgFacilitator: Gloria Lamson (aka Glo - that's me) has worked as visual artist since 1970.  With an MFA in Arts & Consciousness from John F. Kennedy University and training in creativity coaching. She strongly believes in the use of art as a healing force and transformative agent. She has taught, coached, mentored and otherwise supported people in their creative efforts since 1994.
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What we do repeatedly, reinforces itself
in our psyche and our life.

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